confessions of a broken heart (greg_is_hot) wrote in the__alluring,
confessions of a broken heart


Name: Emily
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Filipina/ white
Best Feature: Hair....its so soft!
Most Complimented: my brown eyes
Will I promote: of course!

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sorry, maybe if there were better pictures?
im not even a part of this communtiy but the mod's don't really keep up with it so ima comment..
i think ur really pretty,u have a unique look and ur eyes r really, really cool
Thanks! <3
where u live? the first picture looks like dolphin mall, the one in miami.
Oh I live in Arizona, but the picture was taken in some store at the stratosphere in Vegas.
i think your really cute but the pics are bad quality. you can't really get a good look at you... your always looking away. but i am going to give you a YES Good Luck :)
thanks! the pictures were working fine at first then they all went bad. I'll see if I can change them