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Name: Julia DUch

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Half Polish, Half Korean

Best feature: My smile, I had braces for the longest time, it SHOULD be my best feature, but I'm never sure about this question.

Complemented most on: My smile again. I got voted nicest smile in the year book. =)

Why i should be accepted: I really don't know why I should be accepted, and if I did say something, I think it would come off as pretentious. I guess if you get to know me you will know everything and you will know why I should be accepted and you would be glad I was.

Will you promote: To tell you the truth, I might not unless someone reminds me to. I'm very forgetfil. =( Sorry if it wasn't the enthusiastic answer of "OF COURSE I WILL!%^&(#$@!"

Pictures some good some bad, you judge.

I'm on the left.

I'm in the red in the middle.

I'm on the right. With the white pimp cane. =)

In the red again OWNING the dance floor. (this picture was for the whole body picture purpose...)

I'm the girl.

That's it, won't bore you with anymore.
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